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Create Your Dream Job

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Learn to balance your dream and your job until your dream becomes your job

Top dream jobs for men and women in the US

If you qualify, The Murdock Group will assist you in creating your Dream Job in less time than possible on your own without a coach.  Our track record is unprecedented.

Strategic Planning

Campaign Planning

Marketing Plan

Promotional Materials

Job Market Research

The Job Seeker's Bible—Your Dream Job Now

Presentation Coaching

Dream Job Search Assistance

Career Development

Satisfaction Guarantee

1. Strategic Planning    (back to the top)

  • Everything falls into place when you become focused with a clear direction, strategy, purpose and organized plan.
  • Evaluate personality assessments.
  • Analyze background, current situation, concerns, needs, expectations, goals.
  • Assess education, experience, strengths, weaknesses, skills, financial requirements, geographical preferences, overall marketability.
  • Define core passions, core competencies and core values.
  • Define your chief aim, your ultimate dream job, why it is important to you, main obstacles, strategic and tactical approaches.
  • Define current job market positioning within target industries and companies, job functions, at the appropriate level of responsibility, authority and income.

2. Campaign Planning     (back to the top)

Marketing Plan    (back to the top)

  • Formulate marketing strategy and detailed systematic, week-by-week plan of action.  This “roadmap” includes who, what, where, when and how to tap the hidden job market to significantly increase the quality and quantity of interviews and offers.

Promotional Materials     (back to the top)

  • Create one Internet-based rich text .html formatted resume published on Craigslist and your personal job search website that will stand out from your competition and demonstrate, differentiate and highlight you in a more distinguished fashion.
  • Create unique achievement style resume, 1-2 pages in Word format.
  • Create sixteen letters for every possible situation: introductory marketing letter, introductory cover letters and follow-up letters (Word merge and source codes).
  • The best proven resumes and letters available anywhere at any price.

Job Market Research    (back to the top)

  • Identify local, regional and national employers, recruiters and job openings: name of organization, name and title of key decision makers, mailing address, phone and fax numbers, website and email addresses, business size and type.

"The Job Seeker's Bible—Your Dream Job Now"    (back to the top)

  • How to find job openings via 376 Internet job search engines and job posting sites.
  • How to exude more confidence and enthusiasm.
  • How to define appropriate career options and industry targets.
  • How to develop a proactive communications strategy.
  • How to respond to advertised openings.
  • How to work with recruiters and search firms.
  • How to tap the hidden job market.
  • How to develop better references and network more effectively.
  • How to identify emerging opportunities and create a job or consulting opportunity.
  • How to get more interviews and offers.
  • How to dress to your potential.
  • How to interview and negotiate successfully for optimal salaries and benefits.

3. Presentation Coaching     (back to the top)

  • Coaching and role play for feedback and image critique.
  • Coaching on telephone dialogue to generate more interviews.
  • Coaching on the interview agenda.
  • Coaching on PAR’s and ART’s, the strategy for closing the credibility gap, overcoming concerns, liabilities and objections.
  • Coaching on strategy for getting an offer in writing and negotiating better offers.

4. Dream Job Search Assistance     (back to the top)

  • Unique proprietary website resource and Internet access to employers and job openings via Internet job search engines and job posting sites.
  • Coaching, advice, information and assistance throughout all job search activities.
  • Word processing instruction in preparing and distributing correspondence (word processing, postage and mailing not included).
  • Editing written communications.
  • Coaching on verbal communications.
  • Advice on getting and negotiating written offers for maximum salaries, benefits, incentives, allowances, bonuses, commissions, perquisites and expenses.

5. Career Development    (back to the top)

  • Coaching on long-term career related issues up to one year.
  • Analysis of job/career situation, concerns, needs, expectations, goals and objectives.
  • Preparation for annual employment reviews/evaluations.
  • Negotiating raises and promotions.
  • Advice on education and retirement planning.
  • Exploring business opportunities.

6. Satisfaction Guarantee     (back to the top)

The Murdock Group is a career and life coaching firm, not an employment agency or recruiting firm.  We work on a retainer fee basis, not a contingency.  We guarantee your satisfaction with each phase of our coaching services to you.  If we are unable to satisfy you at the conclusion of each phase of our coaching services, a refund of the paid fee for that phase will be made within three working days of receipt of your written request indicating your reasons of dissatisfaction.  We guarantee that if you (1) follow our recommendations in the campaign planning schedule, (2) submit completed weekly campaign progress reports, and (3) fail to secure a suitable Dream Job opportunity within the agreed period from launch date, the final one-third of the fee will be adjusted to zero.

The Murdock Group
Career and Life Coaching Since 1983